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Web Development Articles

Title: CDONT's ASP Email
Description:  Using CDONT's to send email from any ASP page with only a few lines of code.
Difficulty level - 2 / 5    Language - ASP
Title: Using the MS XMLHTTP Control
Description:  The XMLHTTP control can be useful if you want to:
Screen scrape, ex. pull the html from another web page onto your asp page.
Difficulty level - 1 / 5     Language - ASP
Title: XMLHTTP to Post form data
Description:  An example including documentation and code on how to use the XML HTTP control to post form data from one domain / virtual server to another.
Difficulty level - 2 / 5    Language - ASP
Title: Regular Expressions Example
Description:  This article will show you how to use Regular Expressions to simplify your code.  You can use regular expressions to validate HTML forms on the client-side using JavaScript and server-side using ASP / PHP.
Difficulty level - 2 / 5    Language - ASP/JS
Title: ASP Cookies
Description:  This article shows you how to use the Cookies collection in ASP.  You can use ASP to set cookies and store information on your visitors computers.
Difficulty level - 2 / 5    Language - ASP/JS
Title: ASP List files in folder
Description: A simple code example to list the files in a specific folder using ASP and the filesystem object.
Title: ASP Server Variable List
Description: A list of all commands using ASP Request Server Variables and the code.    Language - ASP
Title: HTML Ascii Code Chart
Description: This is a list of ASCII to HTML conversions.  For example, if you have ever seen this HTML before  .  This tag is for non-breaking spaces.
Title: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Description: A list of CSS properties that will definitely help you to design better Web Pages.  Take advantage of CSS files now so design changes will be easier later.
Title: Common Microsoft Access Errors
Description: A list of common Microsoft Access database errors.  This will help you to debug your database applications more easily.
Title: ASP DatePart Function
Description: How to use the ASP datepart function to work with dates.
Title: ASP File System Object Tutorial
Description: How to use the ASP file system object to read/write files and get file extension..
Title: ASP Error Handling / Err object
Description: How to use the ASP err object to enable error handling for your pages.
Title: Microsoft Access Specifications Limitations
Description: A detailed list of Access specifications and limitations in regards to database size, concurrent users, etc.
Title: Bluetooth Technology and Data Networking
Description: A technical article on Bluetooth wireless technology and Pervasive computing
Title: Web Applications
Description: Web applications can be thought of as a collection of dynamic web pages that retrieve their content from a source such as a database or xml dataset.

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