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ASP File System Object FSO


Parameter Description
fname Required. The name of the file to open
mode Optional. How to open the file

1=ForReading - Open a file for reading. You cannot write to this file.
2=ForWriting - Open a file for writing.
8=ForAppending - Open a file and write to the end of the file.

create Optional. Sets whether a new file can be created if the filename does not exist. True indicates that a new file can be created, and False indicates that a new file will not be created. False is default
format Optional. The format of the file

0=TristateFalse - Open the file as ASCII. This is default.
-1=TristateTrue - Open the file as Unicode.
-2=TristateUseDefault - Open the file using the system default.

The following code creates a text file (c:\test.txt) and then writes some text to the file:

Change the file name from c:\test.txt to your virtual path in a shared hosting environment; use this code as your file path instead, server.mappath("/test.txt").

dim fs,fname
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set fname=fs.CreateTextFile("c:\test.txt",true)     'change to virtual path in shared hosting environment
fname.WriteLine("Hello World!")
set fname=nothing
set fs=nothing

The following code is to check if a file exists.

Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If (fs.FileExists(server.mappath("/test.txt")))=true Then
      Response.Write("File exists.")
      Response.Write("File does not exist.")
End If

set fs=nothing

The following code is to get a files extension.

Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Response.Write("The file extension of the file is: ")

set fs=nothing

The following code is to read from a file.

' create the fso object
set fso = Server.Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
path = server.mappath("/test.txt")
' open the file
set file = fso.opentextfile(path, 1)  <-- For reading
do until file.AtEndOfStream
Response.write("Name: " & file.ReadLine & " ")
Response.write("Home Page: " & file.ReadLine & " ")
Response.write("Email: " & file.ReadLine & "<p>")
' close and clean up
set file = nothing
set fso = nothing


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